May 7, 2012
"Feelings about gay marriage correlate to various religious traditions and levels of religiosity, with those nonaffiliated with any religion most supportive of gay marriage. It’s worth noting the dramatic recent shifts on the issue among Roman Catholics, whose ranks include Biden. Despite the Roman Catholic Church’s rigorous opposition to gays getting the right to marry, Pew found that Catholics support gay marriage by a margin of 52% to 37%. That’s a shift from 2010, when just 46% of Catholics favored gay marriage."

Biden’s support for gay marriage matches most Catholics’ views – CNN Belief Blog - Blogs

Good news about Catholicism and politics for once.  And even acknowledged by mainstream media.

January 15, 2011
Father: Organs of youngest Tucson victim donated to 'little girl in Boston' – This Just In - Blogs

This made me weep.  Still there’s hope in the fact that a girl in Boston will live as a result of this atrocity. 

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