February 28, 2013
"From his point of view as an architect and developer, he’s trying to take some of the responsibility off of the city government to ease the region’s traffic problems. As long as developers keep building new units with new parking spaces, the cars will keep coming. But if they design more properties like the one Mariscal has in mind, that might not only start to ease congestion. It would create awareness within the city of the needs of people who don’t own cars. “The community of the car is very evident because of traffic,” Mariscal says. If the community of no-cars became more visible through residences like this one, maybe other policies in their favor would follow. Ultimately, the goal wouldn’t be to create a segregated city with properties reserved for people who’ve legally sworn off cars. Rather, it would be nice if Mariscal could develop such a building in the future without having to require its tenants to swear they’ll never own one."

Is Boston Ready for an Apartment Building That Bars Cars? - Housing - The Atlantic Cities

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